Sourire Angkor is a humanity organization which is based in Siem Reap-Cambodia and fund by French people.

It has been established by Mr. Pierre Cahe in 2000.  Sourire Angkor is one of organizations which is playing very important rule in reducing the poverty in Cambodia which is the main purpose of Cambodian government. Sourire Angkor is making children’s dream come truth, especially poor children : we give them a chance to school, get education or skill training. As you can see majority of Cambodian people are still very limited on education. Most of them they don’t know how to read or write Cambodian language, khmer.  One country can be developed only there are education people. So Sourire Angkor is the part in helping Cambodia to get develop.

For us, we are so happy to support or help Sourire Angkor in Siem Reap which already been doing for so many year. And we will continue to help and support as long as possible.  We know that our country still very poor, some people still don’t understand how important is to get education, some people understand but they don’t have enough possibility to send their children to school because to go school you need money even thought our government said the school is free but in reality is not.

So we really like to help them to support them to send their children to go school to see them live in better life in the future but we, personally, don’t have enough fund or possibilities to do. But when we see Sourire Angkor have same purpose like us, support children to go school, so we want to be a part in this support as well. We don’t have fund but we have some spare time which we can help and some experience which we can share to other children. Even though sometime it been very difficult for us to deal with children or parent who don’t understand of our support which make us want to give up but in the same time there other children or parent who really need our help and support and also there are other children who success their dream because our support. So all this make us to continue and will continue in future. Other difficulty for us is that all the children that we support they live with parent or other relative family who doesn’t have fix place to live, they move without inform us and it is difficult to get information.

As you can see Sourire Angkor is a small organization, limited budget and limited of staff. But we made it working very well, the same as big organization. The result of 15 years support, there are many children were finished high school and continue to get skill training according to what they like. Here are a sample of children who succeed their dream because of Sourire Angkor:

  1. Soeum Sokhom is now English teacher in one of private English school.
  2. Sokol, a child from Kampond Kdei, who is now owner of one of Souvenir Shop
  3. Van Lita is working at one of five stars hotel
  4. Bun Chen is working at one of five stars hotel and also helping Sourire Angkor on her free time
  5. Khmem Dara, is studying in Battembang as Nurse
  6. Savet Kosal is working at five hotel
  7. San Sith is working one of humanity NGOs
  8. Ny Channa is working as presentation in radio station
  9. Mean Som Ol is working with one of humanity and community development NGOs

And there are many other children who are working in tourist industry, hotel, restaurant, travel agency and also teacher….

In representative of all Cambodian children which been helped or in helping and Cambodia country, we would like to say thank you so much to Pierre Cahe who is the former to Sourire Angkor.  Without Sourire Angkor we can’t be a part in develop in our country. And thank you very much to all donor in French, French people, who is always support and also been supported.